Monday, September 25, 2017

Last week NHL team point totals were released on Pinnacle and other online sportsbooks.  Since that time we've seen some line movement as we inch closer to puck drop on the regular season.

Below I've listed the opening lines for Westgate Superbook and Pinnacle, and where those lines have moved since then. I've also included the relevant juice for any line that is leaning over/under at the time of publishing.

TEAMWestgate (OPEN)Pinnacle (OPEN)Pinnacle (CURRENT)5Dimes (CURRENT)
Sept 5Sept 19Sept 25Sept 25
Anaheim Ducks106.5105103 (over -130)105.5
Pittsburgh Penguins 104.5105.5105.5104.5
Washington Capitals103.5104.5104103.5
Edmonton Oilers 103.5104103.5103.5
Tampa Bay Lightning 102.5102.5102 (over -120)102.5
Montreal Canadiens 100.510099.5 (under -130)99.5
Chicago Blackhawks 99.510099.5 (under -114)100.5
Dallas Stars 98.597.597.597.5
Nashville Predators 98.5979797.5
Columbus Blue Jackets 96.59797 (under -130)96.5
Minnesota Wild 96.596.596.5 (over -119)96.5
San Jose Sharks 96.595.595.596.5
New York Rangers 95.595.595.595.5
Calgary Flames 95.594.59595
St. Louis Blues 95.594.594.5 (over -114)95.5
Toronto Maple Leafs 94.59595.5 (over -131)95.5
Carolina Hurricanes 93.592.593.592.5 (over -120)
Boston Bruins 92.593.594 (under -126)92.5
Ottawa Senators 92.590.59091.5
Winnipeg Jets 92.591.592.591.5
Philadelphia Flyers 91.590.590.590.5
Los Angeles Kings 89.589.59089.5
New York Islanders 88.5898988.5
Buffalo Sabres 87.588.588.587.5
Florida Panthers 85.586.58786.5
Detroit Red Wings 78.577.577.578.5
Arizona Coyotes 74.57476 (over -118)75.5
New Jersey Devils 74.574.574.574.5
Vancouver Canucks 72.572.573 (over -117)72.5
Colorado Avalanche 69.569.569.5 (over -130)69.5
Vegas Golden Knights68.56767.568.5

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