Thursday, December 5, 2013

As usual, the best options are games that either bring a favorite down under -3, or brings a dog up over a touchdown. Crossing the key numbers of 3 & 7 offer great value.

*More teasers will be added throughout the week.

Lions +9 & Ravens -1

Lions +9 & Bills +9

If you don't have a square book (like Bovada) that offers Detroit and Buffalo at +3, I would still go ahead and tease both to +8.5.


Cowboys +8 & Seahawks +8.5

Update: With Jay Cutler returning to practice on Thursday, the Cowboys moved to +2 for most of Thursday morning/afternoon, but once it was announced that he would be OUT for this week, the line has flip-flopped, and now the Cowboys are back to being favorites.  I didn't expect this teaser to have such a short window of opportunity. If you missed it, I like Seattle enough to pair them with one of the options above.