Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorites reigned supreme in Week 14 action finishing 9-6-1 ATS.  Dogs still hold a 112-89-7 overall edge (55.7%) overall.

Week 14 Recap

NFL Picks 2012: Week 15 Predictions
I fully expected to have a different kind of review for the Patriots/Texans game. The poll got the most votes of any game all season and finished with 50.72% on Houston. I could sit here and talk about bad calls that led to scores or talk about fumble recoveries that went New England's way, but I'm not sure any of that would have mattered given how the Patriots played on MNF.

Without Cushing, the Texans D was no match for the spread offense and outside of JJ Watt (the only Texan to show up), they couldn't dictate action very much.  Houston have now been blown out by two Super Bowl caliber teams in the Packers and the Patriots.  Would things be different if the game was in Houston?  Perhaps, but it's clear they need to figure out a way to bring their "A" game in the big games.

The other two losses came from the Falcons and Bengals. The Atlanta game was the bigger surprise because they've been so good defensively on third down and against play-action this year.  The Panthers tore them apart in both areas all day long.  In Cincy, AJ Green uncharacteristically had two big drops that cost them points each time.  As reliable he is, I have to remind myself this is the Bengals after all.

Week 15 Picks

Packers vs Bears

Steelers vs Cowboys

Vikings vs Rams

Buccaneers vs Saints

Broncos vs Ravens


Survivor Pick

I skipped on the survivor pick this week, but I got more votes in the poll than I expected so I'll keep it running for the time being. The Seahawks were the most popular pick, followed closely by the 49ers and Broncos.  The only team to crap the bed were the Buccaneers, but at this point in the season those are the kind of teams most survivor contestants are faced with.