Sunday, October 28, 2012

Team Totals from Pinnacle and 5Dimes.

Team Totals

Vikings U24.5

Strangely enough, this total still has value despite the fact that the line has moved in the Bucs favor since the morning.  One could make a case that Percy Harvin has been the bigger threat this year when compared with Adrian Peterson, but either way Tampa Bay is pretty stout against the run with their active front seven.  In fact, the Bucs defense holds a statistical advantage in every meaningful category.  Ponder still doesn't scare me, so they should need help from their defense/special teams to go over this total.

Falcons O20.5

Juan Castillo out, Todd Bowles in. The Eagles have the talent to contain the Falcons, but can they make the necessary adjustments for an offense firing on all cylinders? Vick is also good for a turnover or two per game, which could give Matt Ryan good field position.  Atlanta also have a nice edge with average starting field position and special teams.  21 points shouldn't be too much to ask.

Redskins O20.5

It seems like light years ago that the Pittsburgh defense was the dominant force that is so engrained in our memories. Troy Polamalu is still out, and while that didn't pay dividends for the Bengals, I don't expect a sudden resurgance without him.  RG3 is not only lethal with his feet in the open field and in the red zone, but he's leading league with a ridiculous completion percentage.  Given that the Steelers rank below average in most critical categories, and the Redskins offense trending up, 21 points seems more than attainable.

Giants O24

Not a lot of mystery for this pick either.  The Giants QB, RB's, WR's, and O-line all rank near the top in their respective categories.  They have a great turnover differential and move the ball up and down the field almost at will.  Sean Lee is out, which certainly won't help their problems with consistency on defense. 


Props from Bodog and 5Dimes.

Ponder U235.5 pass yards
Peterson U90.5 rush yards
P Manning O310.5 pass yards
Demaryius Thomas O83.5 rec yards