Sunday, September 16, 2012

This just in - everybody is a Monday morning quarterback. Sarcasm aside, it's always amusing to see how many experts there are after Week 1 of the NFL season as the overreaction and declarative statements go into overdrive. At the same time, it's important that we don't underreact either. Some of these Week 1 winners and losers are about to continue down the same path. The question is what is real and what is a mirage?

What did catch my attention was RG3, the Patriots/Buccaneers defense, Saints offense, 49ers game plan, and Adrian Peterson. Ignoring those storylines would be foolish, but the primary adjustment I'll be making to my analysis will revolve around injuries - which is the same as any week.

I'm just not ready to make sweeping changes to my power rankings after one game.

Week 1 Recap

Picks ATS went 3-3. I got smacked in the mouth by San Francisco, and letdown by the Eagles and Seahawks.  In hindsight, the 49ers pick seems questionable given their performance. Team totals went 4-4, but I like the direction of scoring in the league. I'll keep that going for the time being. The main problem in Week 1 came from the Saints blowing up my teasers (and everybody else's). That was the one true surprise of the week.

I had the most disagreement on the Chargers/Raiders game in the polls, but we were all on the same side for the rest ... although the 49ers and Vikings got a lot of love, too.  

Survivor Pick

If you were among the 15.87% in the survivor poll that had Packers/Saints, you have my condolences (especially Saints backers). Our friends at Beyond the Bets have more strategy and information here.  

Survivor Pool Pick: New England Patriots

Week 1: Houston Texans


Pettigrew O4.5 receptions (5Dimes)
Total QB sacks in the game O4.5 (Pinnacle)

E Decker O66.5 rec yards (5Dimes)
R White O83.5 rec yards (5Dimes)

Week 2 Picks