Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wild Card weekend started off great when NO pounded DET, but ended with a thud as ATL came up short when it mattered most.  It's often a cliche when people say it's a game of inches, but that's exactly what it was when ATL couldn't convert on 4th down twice in scoring range.  They couldn't recover from that and got completely man-handled from that point on.  Legitimate questions need to be asked about Matt Ryan and coach Smith regarding their ability to perform and win the big games.

Divisional week already has some lines up and NO -3 is a game I'm all over.  If you're stuck with the hook at -3.5 you should have the option to buy the half point, but if not I think NO win by more than a field goal in SF.  I'll have the rest of the games covered once all the lines are posted.

UPDATE: I'm glad I didn't add PIT as an official play because I think Tim Tebow put a serious dent in people's bankrolls tonight.  I thought if DEN were to win that game it would be in spite of him, not because of him.  Give the kid credit. 

Looking ahead to the overnight lines for the divisional games...there is a lot of over-inflation for the favorites.  That's nothing new, but given how much home field advantage helped the home teams this week it's not a total surprise.