Saturday, September 24, 2011

UPDATE: Week 2 is in the books and laying off STL turned out to be the right choice.  In week 3 there are a lot of ugly games on the schedule.  Right now ATL is the only game I can add to the card because I'm waiting on line movement for the remaining picks.  The books have added the hook to many games because public perception is in overdrive.  11 of the 13 games on the board are seeing 75% action on one side!

UPDATE (Tuesday PM): Only 3 games on the board thus far to go along with 2 teasers.  More picks will be added pending line movement.

I've also had a lot of feedback this month inquiring about games not on my card.  I will put a quick hit report out this Friday covering all the games I didn't pick.  I'll include what I didn't like about it (the game itself, the line, etc) and I'll also add which way the pros are leaning based on the information I've gathered.  If it gets enough interest I'll continue with it in subsequent weeks.  Contact me and let me know your thoughts.  I'll continue to answer questions if you want to talk about a game in more detail, disagree with me, etc. 

Week 3 Predictions
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