Saturday, September 17, 2011

UPDATE - Sunday PM:  After 5 straight winning weeks I hit my first speed bump of the year.  1-3-1 on sides and 1-0 on the teaser.  

Tough breaks this week! I expected the PHI defense to close that one out after dominating the 1st 3 quarters and Vick's concussion didn't help.  BAL was the big surprise of the week. SD didn't step up and deserved to lose.  Holley begins to celebrate prematurely and gets tackled at the 1 yard line giving us a push with DAL instead of a win!

Such is life in the early weeks of the NFL.  I'm a little surprised the pros are struggling out of the gate as much as they are.  We'll see how they adjust next week.  I might have a play for Monday Night Football along with week 3 early picks later tonight or early tomorrow.

Market Watch

Public Consensus Top 5 Picks

BAL -5.5
DAL -3
GB -10
HOU -3
PIT -14

Record to date: 4-5-1

Hilton Contest Consensus Top 5 Picks

DAL -3

BUF -3
BAL -5.5
ATL +2.5
WAS -3.5

Record to date: 3-5-2