Sunday, January 2, 2011

UPDATE #2: Sam Bradford showed that he's not quite ready for prime time yet, but he didn't get much help from his supporting cast.  Give credit to the lowly Seahawks for pulling out an ugly win.  Week 17 was an ugly week all around for a lot of people - myself included.  Thankfully, rosters and motivation return to normal next week in what should be an exciting week of sudden elimination.

UPDATE #1: The regular season is almost in the books.  Things started off good with OAK, but it soon turned sour as CHI decided to give GB a go and try to knock them out of the playoffs.  I'm pretty shocked they would leave their starters in the entire game and they are lucky to not walk away with any significant injuries.  IND prevailed on the last drive to give us a push on the teaser.  NYG decided to give us the loss by letting Grossman score a garbage TD at the end of the game.

The public consensus picks had another losing day, but it is a fitting end to what was another horrible season for the squares.  The Hilton consensus picks had a big day and depending on the night game, they might end the season above 50%.

I have STL tonight in what should be a compelling game, even if it is a battle of the bottom-dwellers.

I will have my full season review up during the week and I'll have playoff picks posted for Wild Card weekend tomorrow.  I might include write-ups for all the games even if I don't have a play on them.

It was my fifth straight profitable season and thanks once again for all the emails.   Let's keep it going for the playoffs....