Sunday, December 26, 2010

UPDATE#3: With the last teaser cashing, it brings the final week 16 tally to 3-1 ATS and 1-3 on teasers for a 4-4 week.  

UPDATE#2: I've added a teaser for week 16 combining the Monday and Tuesday night games.  Many games for week 17 remain off the board so I will have some picks up as the week develops.

UPDATE#1: What looked to be a great day in week 16 turned sour after SD choked against a lowly CIN team with their season on the line.  The final tally for the day was 3-1 against the spread, but 0-3 on teasers thanks to the not-so-super Chargers.

The public had their best day of the year and the sharps had yet another average day with their consensus picks.  I'll have a full review of the week that was after the MIN/PHI game because I plan to use NO in another teaser before the week is over.  I will post that up later tonight or early tomorrow.

I'll also have early week 17 picks up Monday afternoon.