Thursday, December 16, 2010

UPDATE #3: With ATL and OAK taking care of business I finish the day with another winning week.  I ended the week 2-3 on sides, 0-1 on totals, and 4-0 on teasers.  As I mentioned in my writeups, the lines are very sharp at this time of year which is why teasers are a great way to get an edge.

The public had another losing week - what's new.  The sharps didn't do much better with their consensus picks going 1-3 with one more pick remaining.  

I'll have a full review of the weekend along with early week 16 picks up tomorrow afternoon.   

UPDATE #2: It was not a good day in the early afternoon games.   NO came up short in a hard fought battle in BAL, CAR was a little bit less pathetic than ARZ, and DAL made Rex Grossman look like Tom Brady.   The ATL and OAK games are in progress and if both of them can win it will salvage the weekend into a small profit.   One teaser cashed and the other 3 are still open.

The game props were posted very late this week so I did not have enough time to go through all the games, but I will have some for the night games if I see something I like.

UPDATE #1:  SF was no match for SD and they got dusted off with ease.  The standard play, half of two teasers, and all three game props cashed as week 15 kicked off to a great start.

I am watching the line movement so I can add a couple more plays for Sunday.  I will have those up as soon as I can get a favorable number.