Thursday, December 9, 2010

Market Watch
Season overall records to date:
Public Consensus Picks: 88-107-10 (45.1%)
Hilton Contest Consensus Picks: 34-35-2 (49.3%)

Week 14 is winding down and it was an up and down week.   

I was 2-2-1 on sides and 2-3 on teasers.  Not horrible given all that has transpired.  I had to buy back on KC after the midweek injury news about Cassel and the Rodgers injury cost me 2 teasers.  If you include the back door cover from TEN on Thursday night it was an unfortunate week with a lot of negative variance.   However, the rest of my picks came through so it wasn't that bad.

The public consensus picks ended up going 8-7-1.  That is a marked improvement considering how their year has gone.  Hilton consensus picks went 3-2 for another average week.

I have a few early week 15 picks up already and I'll have a few more, including some teasers, up tomorrow.  Most of the lines are very sharp this week, but this is expected as the year unfolds.  Due to this, teasers are a great way to level the playing field.   Writeups will also be posted up tomorrow and Wednesday.