Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colts -1 & Cowboys +20
If you look at who the public are betting on in the DAL/NYG game you might be asking why in the world I am including the hapless and heartless Cowgirls in a teaser?  I don't have a big explanation involving the X's and O's because DAL should easily keep this game within 20 points based on their talent.  However, without any motivation all that talent means nothing - as we've seen in the previous weeks.  I like DAL in this spot because the hammer finally fell when Wade was handed his walking papers.  When he was given a vote of confidence from Jerry after the JAX blowout we all saw how the players responded in GB.  I'm not saying they are in love with Garrett because I have heard the players don't like him either, but now the players don't have the convenient excuse that the problem is the coach.   Everyone in Dallas got their wish and they fired the coach.  Now the spotlight is full and center on the players.  I don't expect them to win this game because NY have significant advantages on both sides of the ball, but if they can't keep the score within 20 points they should forfeit the rest of their games.  I'm going against the tide and rolling with them for one week. 

Colts -1 & Buccaneers -.5
I have write-ups for both of these teams in my other posts.  I love teasing down home favorites when they have a significant edge and that is the case for both of these games.  They are essentially pick em' games and if I like them to cover the spread, then I love them to win straight up.