Sunday, October 3, 2010

The NFL regular season continues to send shockwaves for those looking for an edge ATS.   The day ended with JAX hitting a 59 yard field goal dashing any hopes at an IND comeback.   Peyton once again had a monster day as expected, but it was turnovers and a last minute boot that created the upset.  This loss badly hurt most of my predictions and this is what can happen when you bank heavily on one team.  The day ended with an abysmal 2-4 ATS.   Teasers also got killed going 0-4 with the IND loss figuring in 3 of them.   It was the first really bad day in 8 weeks for the 2010 season and things will only get better from here.   As mentioned over the past few weeks, my system plays will become more of a factor as there are finally some solid stats to work with.   As a result, expect to see more underdog selections for the rest of the season.  I will have a full review of the weekend and a quarter-way point update tomorrow.   GB and ATL have been added to the week 5 picks and I'll include a write-up soon.