Monday, September 13, 2010

Market Watch:
The public went 6-6-1 on sides and 5-5-2 on over/unders.
Favorites went 7-7-2 ATS (5-2-1 at home, 2-5-1 on road).
Only 1 road underdog won SU (Baltimore).

Week in Review

After four straight winning weeks in the preseason, the first blip on the radar shows up in week 1 for my first losing week.  Week 1 offered up some huge surprises and it was unlucky to wind up on the wrong side of three of them - SF, IND, and SD.    SF was probably the most unexpected outcome, but IND was a close second.   SD losing in KC isn't entirely a shock because Arrowhead is a place to be reckoned with if their team can give them something to cheer about.   The KC kids stepped up with some big plays and SD never recovered.   

The final tally of the weekend is 3-5, but these sort of weeks happen to everybody.  It's important not to overreact to a down week and a lot of people will be placing bets in week 2 based entirely on what they saw this past weekend.   This will provide a good opportunity to take advantage of some generous lines.  I have 5 early picks up in what will be a bounce back week for many teams.   Check back throughout the week for more selections and analysis.