Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here is a little bit of fun for those that like a little bit of extra action on the games.  I would not wager more than a half unit on any of these because at the end of the day they are just game props.  With that said, let's take a look at the rest of the game props I like for week 2.

Jamaal Charles 75.5 - OVER

In case people don't know about this kid yet, he's good.  Real good.  I should just copy and paste my write up for him for last week because he cashed the over in 1 play.   He has that type of explosive ability and should only get more carries as the year goes on.  Until someone can come along and stop him, I'll be playing the over.  Prediction: Bank OVER.

LeSean McCoy 57.5 Rushing Yards - OVER

McCoy is no Charles, but he is a good young RB with a bright future.  He ran well last week against a pretty good GB defense.  With Weaver out and Vick starting, expect a lot more carries for McCoy.   He'll make the most of them and should cover this number with ease..   Prediction: Bank OVER.

Jermichael Finley 52.5 Receiving Yards - OVER

Finley is going to dominate the TE position this year.  He almost hit this number last week in what was a down game for Rodgers and company.  BUF have an underrated pass defense, but they will be vulnerable over the middle and Finley will cause matchup problems for teams all year.   He's too big for a safety and too fast for a linebacker.   Prediction: Bank OVER.

Philip Rivers 265.5 Passing Yards - OVER

Rivers had major problems in week 1 with horrible weather and a hostile environment.  He's also without his number one receiver.  Yet he still managed to put up 298 yards on the KC kids.  At home in much more ideal conditions, look for Rivers to match this total again against an average JAX team.  This total is almost a no-brainer.  Prediction: Bank OVER.

Pierre Garcon 52.5 Receiving Yards - OVER

It's amazing that Garcon is still not getting the attention he deserves.  He emerged on the scene last year to secure the #2 receiver spot.  This year Gonzalez returned, but he still couldn't threaten Garcon's starting job.  In week 1, Garcon had 43 yards but should have had closer to 80 if he didn't drop 3 passes.  The good news about this is that Peyton went back to Garcon the very next play after he had his first drop.  This shows confidence in the youngster and you should too.  Expect this number to go up as the weeks go by.   Prediction: Bank OVER.

Brett Favre 235.5 Passing Yards - UNDER

No one should be surprised that Favre had a subpar performance in week 1.  He started slow in the first two weeks last year too.   He is simply too old to be able to just jump head first into live NFL game action and expect to put up great numbers.  Harvin is questionable with a hip injury, Rice is out, and the Vikings will rely heavily on the TE and running game.  Favre should still be competent, but he's not going to have that fire lit in time for this game.  Prediction: Bank UNDER.