Thursday, September 9, 2010

Personally, I'm not a big fan of parlays, but I will play the odd teaser every week.   Statistics show that 2 team teasers favor the better, so there is value to be had in these bets.

Odds for these games could change, so be sure to check here for the latest.
  • Baltimore Ravens +8.5 & Indianapolis Colts +3.5
I don't believe that 'Hard Knocks' and home field advantage are good enough reasons to have the Jets favored at -2.5.   I expect the Ravens to win this one straight up so giving ourselves more than a touchdown will be more than enough cushion to cover. 

The Texans need to prove to everyone that they are ready for primetime football before they are granted any benefit of the doubt.  They do not do well against the Colts despite their improvements.   Peyton is not going to be phased by the opening day road crowd like many other quarterbacks will be.   The Texans D should be solid this season, but there are a couple holes that will be exposed in this one.   Even if the Texans have a lead on Sunday, no quarterback is better in the fourth quarter than Mr. Manning.   

Bank BAL +8.5 & IND +3.5